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Hello everyone!

Sorry this is so late but I've been super busy with starting school and everything. Anyways, this is the list of those who have not received their gifts yet. If I've missed you, please let me know in the comments. =)

People whose Santas have contacted me and their gifts are on their way:


People whose Santas have not contacted me:


I will be enlisting some of our wonderful back-up gifters for the 2nd list right away. =)

I anticipate myself needing some more back-up gifters as well so if you could help out, I'd really appreciate it. Please comment in this entry if you're interested. Thanks!

Let me know if I've missed anyone or you have any questions. Thank you! =)

Final gift: For pwincess!

Sorry it is so terribly late. I hope you enjoy it regardless, as well as your dancing Elf!Emerson :D

Anyway, I've never written a PD fanfic AND I am a huge Ned/Olive shipper, so this was rather challenging for me. Chuck is my least favorite character as well so I had to do some thinking for this, so thank you for expanding my horizons. I hope I maintained as in-character as possible and that Emerson was hilarious enough for you :D

Merry Christmas!

Title: Emerson Cod Hates Mistletoe
Author: elphie_7/damnmuse (my writing journal!)
Rating: PG
Characters: Ned/Chuck, Emerson
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: In which Chuck decorates, Ned pouts, and Emerson relents.

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mcr: good luck

Final Gift for slipshod

 Yikes!  I know I'm cutting it close with the deadline, but here's your present!

You requested a Ned/Chuck Christmas and Hanukkah fic...and somehow it turned into a Young!Ned and Young!Chuck fic....but yeah.  There's still the Christmas/Hanukkah theme.  I hope you like this, and happy holidays!

Title: Miraculous
Author: orange_yarn
Rating: PG
Characters: Young!Ned, Young!Chuck
Disclaimer: I don't own it.
Warnings: Unbetaed.

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(Pushing Daisies) Mmm... Raspberries

Final gift for wickednight...

Title: Good Will Towards Men
Author: Squeeka Cuomo
Rating: PG
Beta: lieueitak (Duckie Nicks)
Characters/Pairing: Olive/Ned, Emerson, Digby
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: The facts were these… Olive Snook would soon come to find out that the sparse branch with its tiny berries and leaves was called mistletoe. She would also come to understand the magical power it possessed over people. And most importantly, Olive would come to think of it as the most romantic bit of foliage imaginable.

Good Will Towards Men

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