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Final Gift for slipshod

 Yikes!  I know I'm cutting it close with the deadline, but here's your present!

You requested a Ned/Chuck Christmas and Hanukkah fic...and somehow it turned into a Young!Ned and Young!Chuck fic....but yeah.  There's still the Christmas/Hanukkah theme.  I hope you like this, and happy holidays!

Title: Miraculous
Author: orange_yarn
Rating: PG
Characters: Young!Ned, Young!Chuck
Disclaimer: I don't own it.
Warnings: Unbetaed.

There were a few things that Young Ned had always associated with the holidays. Snow, for one, and also Christmas carols and TV specials. And then there was that delightfully long break, where children were given at least two solid weeks of freedom from the tedious droning of schoolwork.
Young Ned spent nearly all of his time during this vacation with his closest friend, a girl named Chuck. These were blissful times, filled with shrieks of laughter and that surge of adrenaline that came with a particularly suspenseful game of hide-and-go-seek. But as the children dashed through the halls of Chuck’s house, a realization nestled itself in Young Ned’s mind. At first he hesitated to voice his concern, but after several more tours of the home, the idea was nagging so fervently he had no choice but to speak up.
“Chuck?” he asked quietly. The pair had collapsed to the floor of the living room, exhausted. Chuck rolled onto her stomach and rested her chin in her palms, glancing over at her friend.
Ned grappled with the thought for a moment longer, before finally blurting out, “Where’s your Christmas tree?”
“We don’t have one,” Chuck replied, shrugging her shoulders casually.
Young Ned was dumbstruck. “But…” he trailed off, collecting his thoughts. “If you don’t have a tree, where does Santa put everything?”
Chuck sat up before explaining, “Santa doesn’t come to my house.”
Once again, Young Ned was stunned into silence. “Then who brings the Christmas presents?” he asked, wracking his brain for some explanation.
“I don’t get any,” Chuck said simply.
For one terrible instant, Young Ned wondered if his dear friend Chuck had done something awful enough to warrant a spot on the wretched naughty list. But his fears were allayed with Chuck went on to add that, “We don’t do Christmas.”
“Oh.” The idea was comforting, if not a little baffling. Normally Young Ned would have dropped the conversation there, but there was something just so peculiar about not celebrating Christmas that he had to press on. “Why not?”
“Because we do Hanukkah instead,” Chuck explained. She sat up a little straighter, and pointed over to a bizarre set of candles that Young Ned had never really paid much attention to. “Instead of a tree, we have a Menorah.”
Young Ned stared at the candles critically, wondering how anyone could fit presents around such a small object, unless they were very small presents. “What do you do with it?” he wanted to know.
Chuck cleared her throat. “A long, long time ago, these people only had enough candles for one day, so they were sad, but the candle burned for eight whole days anyway. And now we light the candles of the Menorah to remember it, because it was a miracle and you’re supposed to remember those.”
Young Ned nodded, processing the story. It sounded miraculous enough, and if Chuck said it was true, then he believed her.
He noticed that the girl was staring at him, a strange look in her eyes. He frowned, tilting his head to the side as he looked back.
“Do you think it’s bad that I don’t do Christmas?” she asked seriously.
If possible, Young Ned was even more shocked by her question now than her non-celebration of Christmas. It would be a very silly reason to get mad at somebody, he thought.  So he shook his head furiously, and Chuck grinned. 
Yes, it was different, but so was Chuck – and as the children bolted back into the winding passageways of the house, Young Ned knew that he liked Chuck exactly the way she was.



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Jan. 1st, 2008 10:01 pm (UTC)
Awwww! Beautiful! I love Ned being so worried over Chuck's naughtiness. OH SO CUTE AND PERFECT. Thank you so so much!
Jan. 1st, 2008 10:58 pm (UTC)
Your welcome! I'm glad you liked it!
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